A Serious Lapse in Judgement

You are the designated babysitter for your six year old sister. Unfortunately for you, there is a “not to be missed” party going on the same night at your friend’s house down the street. Of course, you do the right thing and agree to babysit, but instead of entertaining your sibling at home, you decide to take her with you.  Your friends are fine with the little one tagging along and they take turns holding her hand, dancing and showing her off. All goes well until that boy (or girl) you had a serious crush on arrives at the party. You become preoccupied and lose track of your sister.

When it’s time to go home at the end of the night, she is, of course, no where to be found. Panic ensues. Where could she be? Who was she last with? Did anyone see her leave the house? Your story starts here. What will you do, how will your parents react, what does ultimately happen to her?

Another twist. Take your sister home at the end of the night. The trouble starts when her picture starts showing up on the Facebook after-party photo gallery. Someone’s mom calls your mom with the incriminating evidence. What happened at that party? Will your sister be scarred forever or have bragging rights?

What if this party is a Hallowe’en party – would this add more drama or a sinister turn of events?